9 Tips, How to Fight Against Colds

Cold weather is slowly taking over everyday life, and it is most often the cause of colds. But there are many ways to protect yourself from the causes of colds …

The problem in which all people are equal and are one of the most boring features of winter is cold. A large number of people every year, especially in the winter months, are fighting with a cough, runny nose, and boring sneeze. So, how to fight against this seasonal disease?

  1. Long-time stress attracts colds.

Long-time stress attracts colds

We are always under pressure and in a hurry. For the agents of colds, this lifestyle is a real opportunity to get on stage. The more you are under stress and negative emotions, the virus is easier to attack you and win. It is scientifically proven that stress is a key factor that reduces the body’s resistance.

Tip: Give yourself at least 30 minutes every day – lay in a hot bath, read a good book, listen to your favorite music, watch comedies … Make a plan by which we can spend your free time. Such breaks in which you enjoy yourself in your own company are the right way to get rid of stress you face at work and strengthen immunity.

  1. How many people, so many causes of viruses.

Those who spend a lot of time in the premises with a lot of people can easily “collect” a virus. Only 10 to 30 viruses are enough to cause an infection.

Tip: when you stay in a room with many people, it is advisable to breathe through your nose. Always ventilate the rooms at home, in the office and take a walk when the weather is not foggy or very wet.

  1. Cold feet are a big problem.

Cold feet are a big problem

If you do not tend to wear slippers at home, then you are exposing yourself knowingly on colds. Cold tiles can be a source of cold if you stand on them barefoot. The cold that comes from the feet is a signal to the body that should narrow the blood vessels. This impedes the circulation in the foot and completely declines defense capability of the organism.

Tip: holding the feet in warm water affects improve circulation and airway through reflex zones. While you are at home, wear slippers or thick socks.

  1. Lack of fluids is harmful.

Lack of fluids is harmful

When the weather is cold, we usually do not feel thirst. Therefore, we drink a very little liquid which badly affects the respiratory tract and mucous membranes. The dry membrane is unable to defend against infectious bacterias and viruses.

Tip: during the day drink at least 68 Fl.oz (2 liters) of liquid (tea, water or natural fruit juice). In this way, it maintains the necessary humidity of the mucous membrane, which facilitates the defense of viruses. Inhale with the teas as much as you can.

  1. Overheated rooms are harmful.

Overheated rooms are harmful

Staying in overly heated rooms is pleasant, but the air in these rooms is very dry. The mucous membrane of the nose, mouth, and airways in such conditions also gets very dry. In this way endangers the natural protection of the organism. Viruses-causes of sneezes like dry membrane and multiply easily in such conditions.

Tip: if you want to wear a t-shirt at home in the winter days, you must regularly ventilate the house, and put containers of water near the heaters that will wet the air.

  1. Carefully with handshaking.

Carefully with handshaking

During the flu and colds avoid handling because of the cold virus can survive on hands and up to 3 hours. But the virus can stay on the telephone handset and the door handles.

Tip: Wash your hands regularly with warm water and avoid the picking of your face. This may sound unbelievable, but it is true: kissing is not prohibited. The scientists suspect that the virus through saliva reaches the acidic environment of the stomach where he immediately died. Besides, passionate French kiss belongs to the best stimulants of immunity, because it activates the secretion of endorphins.

  1. Avoid smoking.

Avoid smoking

Cigarettes are a major cause of sneezes because they’re hamper cleaning the mucous membrane and viruses linger long without problem can multiply. In smokey rooms are creating more viruses.

Tip: if you smoke, and you can not quit smoking, seek much less smoke in the winter days. Take extra vitamin C, which in smoking have increasingly used. Vitamin C is one of the best stimulators of the immune system.

  1. Overloading the gut is dangerous.

Plain Yogurt

About 80% of the body’s defense forces are concentrated in the gut. But obstacles to the digestive system in the intestinal environment are usually caused by a lot of stress, eating sweets and frequent use of antibiotics. In this way increases the possibility of infection.

Tip: yogurt and sour milk products replenish the work of natural and beneficial intestinal bacteria. On our market, there are many products enriched with “good” bacteria.

  1. Avoid fast food.

Avoid fast food

Pizza, hamburger, and other fast foods are not recommended during the cold period. Fats and lack of vitamins and minerals weaken the immune system.

Tip: in the period ruled by colds and flu it is best to eat as many fresh salads, fruit and taking extra amounts of vitamins.