Some Advice Against Osteochondrosis of the Neck

Unpleasant, painful feelings in the hands frequently annoy women, but of course it sometimes happens to men. And we should not mistakenly think that it is due to work in the house that the woman has to do. The reasons are varied. And in each case different measures should be taken. But most often the hands numbness is due to osteochondrosis of the neck.

It may seem strange, but the reason for this situation should be looked for not in hands, but rather above – in the neck. Namely, in this way the osteochondrosis of the neck manifests. Through the cervical vertebrae those nerves that control the hand movements pass. If these nerves are squeezed or damaged by osteochondrosis, such sensations in the extremities will appear.

Specialists advise to massage the neck with a brush of natural fibers before bedtime, until you feel pleasant warmth of the place. It is a sign that the blood flow improves. A shower with a hot water will also help, by streaming the water flow directly to the neck region. We suggest a few exercises that you need to perform every morning and evening.

  • Slowly rotate your neck so your head will “roll” on one shoulder and chest, the other shoulder, and the back;
  • Stretch and tilt your head to the right shoulder, then to the left;
  • Imagine that you have a ball on your chest, and make movements with your chin like you roll it;
  • Bend your arms at the elbows and slide your hands up to the shoulders, and do few circular movements back and forth.