Baked Apples Best Cure for a Sore Throat

Baked apples are an excellent remedy for a sore throat. The most important thing is to not be hot, but moderately warm. Long ago it was determined that the apple is a healthy and Viennese expert on healthy food and nutrition professor Hademar Bankhofer reveals how healthy when baked. He says that apples prepared in this way are an excellent remedy for a sore throat.

Baked apples best cure for throat

These problems can be eliminated with three baked apples which should be eaten in a row.

What is the secret of baked apples?

During baking, the apples come to the creation of specific compounds of the enzymes and bioactive substances. “These compounds in the lining of the mouth, throat and vocal cords activate only the body’s ability to heal,” says Professor Bankhofer.