Cocoa – If Not Taken in Large Quantities Can Be Extremely Useful

Cocoa contains minerals and iron

As we know, the homeland of cocoa is Central America. In Europe it appears in the XV century. Lately the fruit juices are very popular, but the cocoa should not be underestimated – it is a useful product. It contains minerals, and more than other products, iron and zinc. The zinc plays an important role in the human organism. Without it the proper functioning of the cells is impossible, particularly those necessary for the development and the sexual maturing, and even helps in healing of wounds.

The cocoa powder and the chocolate contain the substance melanin, which is able to absorb the sun rays. The melanin protects the skin by the the influence of the ultra-violet and infra-red rays.

Cocoa contains a substance which is part of the nucleic acid takes direct part in biosynthesis of proteins. It was considered for a long time in the past that in case of a kidney disease cocoa and its products, like chocolate, should not be taken. But the truth is this that in such cases the intake should only be limited.

When you buy chocolate, carefully read what is written on the package, not to be disappointed afterwards. Sometimes the producers instead of cocoa butter use substitutes. The good quality chocolate should contain 50-70% cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and in no way other oils (eg palm).

The french dietitian Montiwak, author of many books on healthy diet, recommends taking of few pieces of bitter chocolate containing 70% cocoa powder every day. Black chocolate made from natural cocoa is valued product, and if not taken in large quantities can be extremely useful.