Fall asleep easily – method 4-7-8

If you have problems with the sleep, so you wake up in the middle of the night or are thinking long before falling asleep, or you are nervous before the upcoming event and you can’t fall asleep, use the following method to help yourself.

Fall asleep easily

This method is best remembered as “4-7-8”. You need to do the following:

Settle into a lying position and make yourself comfortable and warm.

  1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath through the nose. Inhalation should last full 4 seconds.
  2. Then hold the air in the lungs for full 7 seconds.
  3. Next, begin to let the air out through the mouth lasting for 8 seconds.
  4. Then repeat the entire procedure 4-7-8.

It’s very simple. This respiratory exercise slows down our heart rate and calms down. In fact, all this happens very quickly – in only a few repetitions.

When you feel stress, worry or anxiety, the amount of adrenaline in the blood increases, and breathing becomes shallow and rapid.

Retention of breath with particularly slow exhalation inevitably slows down the heart rate. This is physiology.

Also, this method calms your mind, because you have to constantly count in yourself and be focused on breathing. At that point, you may not notice immediately, but your nervous system will slowly calm down, and feelings of worry disappear. As a result, your whole body relaxes. The method “4-7-8” has already been used for several centuries in Indian yoga. They have used it for meditation, to achieve complete relaxation.

At the beginning it is recommended to apply the method every day, twice daily, so you can master it and use it effectively when you need it.