Fruit With a Thousand Good Qualities, Dr. lemon

Lemon is a king among antioxidants, tonic, remedy for indigestion, cold, flu, circulation, a product for weight loss, disinfection, the elixir of beauty. From juice to bark, this fruit is the joker in the kitchen and secure way to give the salty and sweet dishes a special flavor.


Fruit With a Thousand Good Qualities, Dr. lemon


Juice, pulp, peel: nothing is thrown away from the lemon! Even his bright-colored yellow as if created to lighten our table and gave us comfort and energy.

And science has confirmed: Lemon is on the top of the list of foods that contain the most antioxidants. And not only that. Thanks to citric acid, it neutralizes toxic substances and their effects, facilitates digestion, accelerate the degradation of fats and improves assimilation of nutrients. In addition, high content of selenium and vitamin C, which increases the defensive power and slows aging and vitamins B, necessary for the nervous system.

You have, therefore, many reasons for this fruit to book his place of honor at the table and to enrich each meal, from appetizer to dessert, with its simple smell and taste. Insert it in any recipe and get a precious ally of health!

Joker in the kitchen.

The day is known by its morning: to drink a cup of lemon juice as soon as you wake up is one of the most effective methods to prevent winter diseases, but also to correct the mood when the sky outside is gray, your mood. To gradually get used to the taste and ease acidity, you can mix it with a little orange juice.

Note: Do not juice draining pulp pieces because it does not only reduce the sourness of lemon but mostly they hide the most nutrients.

As an ideal spice for salad, this precious citrus fruits helps you make sauces with magical scents that will overflow the rice and the pasta. The famous specialty of Sicily (which they call “land of lemons”) is a sauce of swordfish. Dill and garlic are fried in olive oil, a fresh tomato is added, and after 10 minutes and swordfish cut meat cubes. At the end of cooking, add a half of lemon zest: the result is extraordinary.

Juice and rind are miracles.

In dishes of meat and fish lemon great plays its role: when you add juice, breaded dishes become lighter, grilled specialties delicious and dressings are becoming unusual. Lemon juice gives the fruit salad taste, smell (and vitamins) and prevents fruit from browning.

Remember: Always squeeze lemon at the last minute and place it in the plate just before serving so as not to lose vitamins and mineral salts, sensitive to air and light.

Fruit With a Thousand Good Qualities, Dr. lemon

And the bark? Do not throw it away: It’s a real small mine of precious ingredients. Flavonoids, which give color to strengthen capillaries and facilitate the exchange of oxygen in the body. A lemon peel is hiding essential oils as limonene by digestive and antiseptic properties. Cuted into cubes or finely grated, lemon peel gives a special flavor to cakes, soufflés, puddings, and jams. Wondering how you can get more juice of the lemon? Soak it for a few minutes in warm water, gently rub it between your hands, then drain.