Is It True ? The food looks like the organs it heals !

It has long been known that food, except that, protects, heals as well. Can we heal the target organ by the look of the food?

Everyone knows that the structure of the walnut looks like the brain. Nuts contain fatty acids that help the brain.

Walnut - Brain
Walnut – Brain


But the fact that sweet potatoes, which, by its shape reminiscent of the pancreas is a very strong antioxidant is not as well known . This antioxidant protects pancreatic cancer and also affects the aging of cells.

Sweet potatoes - Pancreas
Sweet potatoes – Pancreas

The stem of celery, however, resemble of the bones. It is a great source of silicon, which gives health to the bones. Celery as well as the bones, contains 25% sodium.

The grapefruit, which can be described as similar to the female breast contains many substances caled liponoids. They come in maternal cells and in solutions for combating cancer.

Shellfish resemble the male testicles. They contain zinc and folic acid, which affect the quality of sperm. Shellfish are among the strongest aphrodisiacs.

The shape of the stomach is best expressed by ginger. Furthermore helps in nausea, it contains gingerol that has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant capacity.

Red wine, which unequivocally resembles blood, helps regulate blood pressure. Moreover, wine is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. Affect cholesterol that causes heart disease.

Another food, beneficial to the heart and which is in shape like him once you cut it, is the tomato. It contains lycopene that reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Tomato - Heart
Tomato – Heart

Avocados, which resembles a womb, is a very good source of folic acid. It protects against cancer.

Carrots, which are very famous for the beneficial effects on the eyes, when you cut them in circles they resemble the eye, they contain many vitamins, antioxidants and beta-carotene are necessary for normal function of the human eye.

Carrot eye
Carrot – Eye

Grapes look like alveoli, small branch-like formations in our lungs that enable oxygen to enter our bloodstream.  This fruit reduces the possibility for development of cancer in the lungs.

Grape - Lung
Grape – Lung

The substance contained in the grapes, proanthocyanidin, can significantly calm the symptoms of asthma caused by the allergy.