Every person wants to live long, to keep own youth as long as possible, and enjoy the bounties of life. But, in order to achieve all this, it is necessary to lead a healthy life. Leading healthy life means, on one hand, giving up some activities or their reduction, no matter if they are for pleasure or an obligation, and, on the other hand, taking some steps and activities directed to improving health, both physical and psychical.


Give up or reduce:

  •  Alcohol, tobacco, coffee, artificial juices and other refreshing drinks.
  •  Foods containing large amounts of fats, sugars, spices.
  •  Avoid foods and drinks containing various nutritional additives (preservatives, artificial colors, aromas, tastes, sweeteners).



Try to acquire organic food, or at least food produced in clean environment, using moderate amounts of fertilizers, pesticides, medicaments, artificial fodder. Drink home-made juices, or high-quality industrial juices.

Beside the aforementioned, there are other steps not related to food and drink.

Spend as little time as possible in polluted environment, and watch television programes less. Instead, stay more often in clean air, in the nature, practise various physical activities (no matter whether they are sports or of other kind). Also, for psychical distraction get occupied with some hobby, whatever brings pleasure to you. Try to get nervous less, avoid stressful situations. But, if you cannot avoid them, try to recuperate your calmness as soon as possible. Have rest as much as you need. Sleep as much as you need, and try to indulge yourself with healthy sleep. After all, sometimes you may allow yourself consuming some not very healthy food or drink, if that pleases your soul.