Natural Remedies Аgainst Headache!

Folk natural remedies against a headache are often more effective than chemicals from pharmacies. Our grandmothers applied several methods to relieve headaches that today you can try before you drink any analgesic.

natural remedies against headache
Natural Remedies Against Headache
  1. If you have a headache, do a warm bath or soak your feet in hot water for 10-15 minutes.
    If a headache is due to fatigue and emotional effort, this method can be particularly effective. The so-called tense headache often occurs as a result of anxiety and concern. It is important to relax and calm and a hot bath, especially with the addition of lavender oil is almost unrivaled in this case. Baths remove tension, relaxes muscles, blood begins to flow rapidly to the brain and the headache disappears.
  2. Grate a few cloves of garlic and mix, wrapped in a handkerchief place of temples 15 minutes.
    This method can help women who suffer from PMS, menopausal problems, increased irritability or quickly tiring.
  3. Mechanical you can remove the headache massage. Suffice ten minutes continuously and easily without excessive pressing massaging the nasal bone in the area between the eyes.
    In this case, it is a tense headache, light massage gives good results.
    If a headache occurred because of prolonged stress on the neck or waist, for example, while sitting at the computer, it will not help you. It is useful to accompany the advice for proper seating in the workplace.
  4. Get More leaf cabbage, mash it, so it would release some liquid and place it on the forehead and temples. Cabbage juice is rich in calcium ions. These trace elements contribute to the normalization of muscle tone and blood vessels, which particularly effectively relieves pain.
  5. Tablespoon cilantro tea place there 15 minutes in a cup of boiling water. Tea drinks it slowly throughout the day. A headache often occurs in people who are unfriendly. St. John’s wort, in this case, can be particularly effective because it corrects mood and contributes to the relaxed tone of the body. However, overdose has certain side effects. Therefore in pharmacies buy finished products based on the wort. They can help you avoid unwanted actions, and though you do not have to bother yourself to prepare.