Pomegranate – Elixir of Beauty !!!

Pomegranate Elixir of Beauty!

According to current clinical studies, pomegranate is considered as a very powerful fruit, which contains ingredients that positively affect health.

Pomegranate elixir of beauty
Pomegranate – elixir of beauty

Due to a large number of seeds contained in its fruit pomegranate have long been a symbol of fertility.

Relieves symptoms in climax

There are three kinds of pomegranates: two very acidic and milder types edible.

According to the Vienna professor Hademar Bankhofer, pomegranates mitigate symptoms of menopause and are good for the prostate. Today it is known that vitamin C, vitamin B5, and potassium, especially important are herbal hormones.

Gynecologists found that a pomegranate a day relieves symptoms in menopause, explains Bankhofer.

In the pomegranate, solids contained very similar to estrogen and therefore affect the hormone levels. Moreover, the pomegranate fruit has anti-aging and helps young women with hormonal problems. One who regularly eats pomegranates will have strong nails and beautiful hair, and mental mood will disappear, say, scientists. New studies show that pomegranate herbal hormones reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Besides fruit, the medicinal purposes are used root, bark, shell, and flower against parasites.
According to some authors, the pomegranate is good for the heart to function while it is generally accepted as a remedy against intestinal parasites. The bark of the root of the pomegranate and the skin inside the fruit contains three alkaloids which are toxic for intestinal parasites, but at a certain dose (0.5-0.6 grams) and human and can cause dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, and obstacles in sight.

Rich in vitamin C

Pomegranate isĀ one of the oldest fruits used for medicinal purposes. Since ancient times was considered a natural remedy because it is found that pomegranate juice improves appetite and regulates the stomach, is excellent against scurvy (because it contains a lot of vitamin C), and encourages the excretion of urine. Moreover, it has a strong effect on pain and inflammation. In combination with the juice of carrots and beets is recommended for pregnant women because it contains B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and vitamin PP. Pomegranate has a positive impact on the value of tumor markers for prostate, PSA-markers. Doctors recommend men every day to drink a quarter liter of pomegranate juice.