Reasons Why Women May Have Uneven Breasts

Uneven breasts may occur for a number of different reasons.  This condition is quite common, but also embarrassing and unattractive, so many women search for a way to alter the chest to make it look more symmetrical.  Prior to choosing the path to correct the breasts, it is important to understand what causes this issue.  Getting a look at the causes of asymmetry will help a person make a better decision regarding how to correct breasts.

1.  Anatomic Variance.  

Breasts are not the only body parts that are unbalanced.  Hands, feet, and other limbs may not be symmetric either.  Certain parts of the face may be different as well.  Simple variances happen in the body which may cause uneven breasts.

2.  Puberty.  

Puberty is an awkward time in life where hormones are changing at a rapid rate.  The body progresses in different stages.  When some girls enter this stage, hormones may lead to uneven breasts because one is growing at a faster rate than the other.  Eventually it should all even out.

3.  Pregnancy.

Breasts often change both before and after pregnancy.  Uneven breasts may result from the different level of milk in each breast.  Many websites on the internet address breast changes during pregnancy and the steps that can be taken to correct the problem.

4.  Tumors.  

Tumors do not always mean cancer. Noncancerous tumors and cysts may form in the tissue in the breast, causing unevenness.  As with other tumors, a person must consult a doctor about whether or not it is in the best interest to remove them.

5.  Breast Cancer.

A possibly serious problem that causes uneven breasts is breast cancer.  Even though uneven breasts may not be cosmetically pleasing, it is essential to  visit the doctor if the shape has suddenly changed.  This may be an uncomfortable subject to discuss, however, it may save a woman’s life to get screened for breast cancer.

How To Deal With Uneven Breasts

It is vital to visit a doctor to make sure that there is no underlying medical reason that the breasts are uneven.  Most problems are only cosmetic and bring no health concerns.  If a woman is not happy with her appearance and uneven breasts are embarrassing, there are things that can be done to improve the situation.  If a woman wants to stay away from surgery and implants, she can change the clothes that she wears to make breasts appear more even.  There is a number of bras on the market that can mask a difference in breast size.  A more radical approach to fixing uneven breasts is surgical procedures.  Over the last few years, there have been great advancements in plastic surgery that can even breasts.  A woman can get one enlarged or one reduced to make them appear more even.  There are a number of ways to deal with the situation.  No matter which path a woman chooses to make breasts appear similar, it is important to take time to access the situation and make an informed decision.

Matt writes on behalf of Dr. Tim Love who offers plastic surgery Oklahoma City residents trust. Matt also writes on a wide variety of other medical related topics across a plethora of blogs on the web.