Russians are Using this Trick to Strengthen their Immunity.

Our immunity is most weak and vulnerable to the viruses and colds in winter. The trick, which comes from Russia, helps to immediately strengthen the immune system, but it is not so pleasant.

soak feet
Specifically, you must have previously seen how the Russians are bathed in icy lakes and rivers and wondered why anyone would do that.
Of course, we do not suggest this kind of extremes, but Sergey Bubnovsky, professor of Moscow has long talked about the benefits of the ice bath. When you get home put your feet in ice water for half a minute, and, according to him, you’ll reborn your immune system. The point is to pour ice water into a bowl and add ice cubes. First, place your feet in only fifteen seconds, although it will be very uncomfortable, increase this time.
Even more, if you already have a cold, that is a reason plus to boost your immunity. In this case, put your feet in cold water every six hours.
Don’t afraid, this will not harm your health, you will be surprised how good it is for your health, says Dr. Bubnovsky

Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky
Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky

To make the story even more interesting this was checked by British scientists at the Institute for the study of thrombosis and came to the conclusion that ice baths accelerate the metabolism in an attempt to warm the body and activate the immune system.

Getting children’s health stronger – Siberian style!
Children from Siberian kindergarten start their day from a bucket of cold water, no matter the weather. Here the temperature was -10C.
As their teachers and parents say, the daily cold street shower keep children strong and very healthy throughout the year.
Last updated: Jan.18.2017