4 Untruths Related to Your Health !

How many times have you ever heard that something is bad for your body and have accepted rumor without confirm with scientific facts?

4 Untruths Related to Your Health

As bad habits and medical myths are something that easily accept and reject it. Is not it time to stop worry and finally face the facts?

1 Medical Myth: It’s bad to eat fish during pregnancy


It is true that there are certain types of foods that are not recommended to eat during pregnancy, but this is not the case with fish. A recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that eating three servings of fish a week raises the IQ of the child. It is true that you should avoid fish, but only types that contain high amounts of mercury, such as swordfish, shark, mackerel …

2 Medical myth: bras with wires cause cancer

Some people claim that the thread which is carried in the breast compression lymphatic system of the breast, which concentrate toxins. However, research results are more than clear that no bra, no time period as bear, no association with breast cancer.

3 Medical myth: shooting the finger leads to arthritis

4 untruths related to your health 2
The truth is that if this habit is not causing you pain, I e wrong. Studies show that people who shoot fingers have the same risk of arthritis as those who do not do it.

4 Medical Myth: Eating soy causes problems with fertility

Experiments done on animals show that soy consumption may affect fertility due to phytoestrogens contained, but there is no evidence that this is true for people. Moreover some studies show that women who consume soy protein and plants have fewer problems with ovulation.